Propopen real estate websites are compliant to all the current SEO standards and best practices. We’re constantly keeping your Propopen sites current to SEO standards, so that you won’t need to worry about it!

Customizable SEO Meta Info

We let you fully control how your site appears in search engine results. You can customize your site’s title tag and meta description, and we offer a preview on how you’ll show up on Google. 

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Autogenerated Sitemaps

Google use ‘bots’ to scour the web, understand your website, and to categorize it accordingly in their algorithms. Google does this by reading your site’s ‘sitemaps’. Don’t worry, we automatically generate these for you, to help Google bots know about your real estate website. 

Mobile Optimized

Google knows that more people than ever are viewing websites from their phones, so they’ll rank mobile optimized websites higher in their search results. Being mobile optimized is critical in winning the SEO game.

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google rich snippets for real estate websites

Google Rich Snippets

Google uses a ‘language’ called rich snippets to help their bots categorize websites better. We automatically generate these rich snippets for your website, so that Google can recognize your website as a local business. This helps you more easily get discovered when people are searching Google for local real estate agents. 

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