Frequently Asked Questions

You will not need any design or technical skills whatsoever to use Propopen. We like to say, creating your agent and property sites is as simple as filling out a form.
A brokerage webpage is great…feel free to keep that. But we recommend also having your own professional website, so that you can establish your own brand as a real estate agent. Your website also serves as a consistent place for clients to keep up with you if/when you switch brokerages.
We don’t have a free trial at the moment. If you need to try it, we’d recommend signing up for the monthly plan to give it a spin. With our monthly plan, you can cancel anytime, and we only charge you for that month.

We do have a discount for our annual plans. Basically, you get 2 months free with any annual plan. Also, we offer credits for any active user who successfully refers new customers. Lastly, if your brokerage has more than 8 agents who want to sign up for Propopen, contact us for a brokerage volume discount.

That’s great…we appreciate you too!

We love working with small and large brokerages. Contact us so we can chat about your needs. We can work with you to create a custom package for your brokerage.

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