Past Listings

Don’t just showcase your active listings, ALSO showcase your portfolio of past listings. Whether you were the buyer’s agent or listing agent, showcasing past deals adds credibility to your expertise.

Property Pages for Sold Listings

When your active listing becomes sold, simply change the listing status to “Sold Listing”, and we automatically move that listing to the “sold” category on your agent website. If you want to just create an archive of past sold listings, just simply create property pages and categorize them as sold from the start. 

propopen sold status
propopen showcase sold listings

Buyer's Agent or Listing Agent

Whether you were the buyer’s agent or listing agent on the sold property, you can designate your role on that transaction, giving you the opportunity to also showcase the listings you’ve helped buyers find and close. 

Showcase Accolades

If you’ve won any awards, acquired any certifications, belong to any professional groups, we give you a space to simply showcase several of these accolades to give prospects a better sense of your accomplishments. 


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