Mobile Optimized

Your Propopen Agent Website and Property Websites look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Our websites are fully responsive out-of-the-box, without you needed to do anything technical.

Mobile Friendly

Are websites are built “responsive”, meaning it adapts to whatever device your site visitor is using to view your website.  So whether they’re on desktop, tablet, or a cell phone, your website is optimized for that screen size. 

mobile optimized websites
SEO Mobile Optimized

SEO Friendly

Google knows more people than ever are viewing websites from their phones, so they’ll rank mobile optimized websites higher in their search results. Being mobile optimized is critical in winning the SEO game. 

Constant Updates

As mobile standards are constantly changing, we are constantly adapting our designs and templates to those changes. When you rely on Propopen websites, you’re constantly getting automatic technical upgrades to your sites…without lifting a finger. 

constantly upgrading

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