Email Marketing

We all know the importance of email marketing, and successful real estate agents consistently keep their contacts in the loop with email newsletters. Propopen makes email marketing easier, so that you can stay on top of it consistently.

Email Blasts

When we designed our email blast tool, our main goal is to make it dead simple. We empower you to create email newsletters easily on Propopen, so that you can send them out more consistently to your entire list of contacts. You can create templates or custom emails effortlessly using the Propopen email marketing tools. 

propopen email marketing
propopen drip sequence

Email Automation

Don’t let the phrase “email automation” scare you. We automations extremely easy to setup, so that when you capture leads, you can automatically send them email messages. Imagine having a personal marketing assistant to help your reach out to potential clients…that’s what our email automations do for you. 

Email Stats

Knowledge is power. Our email stats lets you know exactly who has received and opened your emails, and how your emails are performing as a whole. 

propopen email stats

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