Easy Templates

Creating your Agent Website is as simple as filling out a form. And with our simple template system, you can fully customize a stunning agent website by just clicking a few options. 

No Skills Required

Other “DIY” website builders actually require a lot of skill to produce a professional looking website. Our website builder was designed to be truly usable by EVERYBODY. If you can fill out a form, you can create a stunning and powerful real estate website on Propopen. 

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Section Templates

Your Agent Website is comprised of sections, and most sections have template options. So to customize your testimonials, team, listings, about, brokerage, etc…you just select one of our many section templates. It’s basically like a Mr Potato Head for your site, where you can easily swap out different parts to get a unique site. 

Growing Library of Templates

Your monthly subscription give you full-access to our ever expanding library of section templates. We never make you pay more to get the new templates we create. With more sections template options, no two agent websites will ever look the same. 

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