CRM Integrations

If you rely on an external CRM to manage leads, we’re committed to integrating with various CRMs in the industry so that you’ll never miss an inbound lead!

Sync Inbound Leads to Your CRM

When you capture inbound leads with your Propopen real estate websites, you want to make sure your CRM knows about those leads, without you manually entering them in. Our integrations helps keep the leads we collect in sync with your CRM…automatically.

Propopen CRM Integration
propopen integration with follow up boss

Integration with Follow Up Boss

Our native integration with Follow Up Boss is just a few easy steps. Simply connect your Follow Up Boss with your API key, and we do the rest. Our seamless integration pushes new leads and even repeat lead activity into your Follow Up Boss account automatically. 

More Integrations to Com

We’re always working hard to add more integrations with industry leading CRMs. We know different real estate agents rely on various CRMs, and we want to make sure Propopen works seamlessly with them

more crm integrations

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